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Living by Deep Work

For the past couple of weeks, I have been writing about deep work and how great ideas come from focused work. This week I decided to write about the same stuff, but I want to give an update on how deep work has affected my life. Newport has challenged me to think, work, and live differently. I have accepted the challenge, and now I am trying to live by it.

Thinking Smarter

This week, I learned about the concept of the Eudaimonia Machine (Newport, 2018). Newport explains that David Dewane created the idea to explain how deep work could be instilled in everyday life. The machine, or building, would consist of five rooms (Newport, 2018). 

The first is called the gallery, and it is home to a vast display of deep work examples. This room is supposed to inspire anyone who enters. 
The second room is the salon. There would be comfy couches and chairs all around the room with a table, including snacks and coffee. 
The next room is the library, and it is full of books and resources to complete deep work. Dewane examples that this is one of the most important rooms. 
The fourth room is the office space. This room is reserved for all of the shallow work that needs to be completed before deep work. This is the place to check emails, assignments, and to get organized before stepping into the final room. 
The last room is the deep work chambers. Just like the name, this room is full of soundproof cubbies that offer a quiet refuge from the distracting world. 

I am trying to train my little apartment to become a Eudaimonia Machine. I recently ordered Dear Data’s book, and I printed out a picture and taped it above my desk. This picture is inspiring me to come up with new and innovative ideas. I already have an idea brewing in my head, but before I can start anything, I need to gather more research. I may not know what I am doing, but thanks to Deep Work, I know the best method of learning complicated concepts. 

Working Harder

When I first started reading Deep Work, I had my phone by my side, music playing in the background, and the TV on mute. Now, when I am writing or reading, I am locked away in my spare bedroom, no phone, no music, and certainly, no TV. By doing this, I can work so much faster, and I honestly think my writing has somewhat improved. 

Living Better

Since reading Newport’s advice on establishing a routine, I have found myself getting up earlier and getting more done. Instead of sleeping in on my days off, I wake up at 9 am, make a cup of coffee, and get my social media fix out of the way. I find this habit to be beneficial because I am not distracted throughout the day. 

Another habit that I have gotten into is recording all of my tasks in an online project management software named Trello. Thanks to Deep Work, I got a new perspective on staying organized and establishing a routine. I love recording all of my assignments and projects in Trello because it is quick and easy. The program keeps me organized and on track with all of my work.

My Overall Progress

I am very grateful to have read Deep Work. I am now getting more work done in a shorter amount of time. For example, instead of taking six days to complete my homework, it only takes me four and a half. I have also noticed that I am not using my phone as much, and I love it. Since I have gotten into the routine of only going on social media in the morning, I’ve lost the desire to check it throughout the day. Ironically, after making this realization, I stumbled across this Long Reads article. The author points out that as a society, we let a little box made of glass, metal, and computer parts control our lives. I’ll let that one sink in. 

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