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Project Insights

Over the course of the past seven weeks, I have learned two powerful insights about myself. First, I have found a new self-confidence in my voice and presence. Second, I learned that proper and in-depth planning will lead to less stress. Both of these realizations will help me in creating content in the future. 

In front of the camera

Like most people, every time I hear myself on a recording, I inwardly cringe. It’s not like I hate my voice, but hearing it on a recording makes me feel embarrassed for no reason. 

When I finally settled on creating a YouTube channel, I knew that I was 1. going to record myself 2. people were going to hear my voice. Both of these were terrifying, but the more I kept thinking about it, the more I realized that my fears held me back from something I’d always wanted to do. So, I got to work.

When I sat down to record the first video, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I spoke very robotically and not like myself. I realized that I wasn’t myself. It didn’t matter in the end because the camera wasn’t recording, but those couple of hours helped me relax and open up. By the time I finished recording my last video, I had made so many jokes to the camera that I was able to put together a blooper reel. 

After I posted each video, I realized that I was having fun creating these videos. If it weren’t for this project and the push to get me outside of my comfort zone, I would never have found the confidence to keep this channel going in the future. 


Everyone jokes about writing “organization” as a strength on their resume, but I didn’t know what true organization was until I started putting together this project. I always considered myself an organized person, but I had never gone this in-depth before.

To help myself get truly organized, I came up with a four-stage plan to execute these videos; research, pre-production, production, and post-production. 

Usually, I would complete my research as I went along for any project that I produced. I would see where the information takes me and write a paper according to the sources that I found. This time, I completed all my research at the beginning. This was incredibly helpful when I went to complete the second stage of my project, pre-production. 

For the next three steps, I put together a list of the main tasks for that stage. For example, for pre-production, I wanted to create sketches, thought maps, storyboards, and scripts. I then broke up each task into smaller tasks. For example, I broke up scripts into four parts (one for each video). I then created a small list within that task. I needed to create an introduction, middle, and conclusion that showcased my research and topic. 

By breaking down each task into smaller parts, I was able to see every working cog in the machine that I was making. In the end, this organization method saved me a lot of stress.

Unfortunately, during the production stage of this project, I wasn’t able to access my equipment for a couple of days in order to complete any of my production work. Usually, I would completely stress out, get upset for a little while, and then plan out how to solve it. 

I was able to skip the stress and quickly and easily rearrange my plan, so I didn’t miss a beat. In fact, I believe that my project turned out better because instead of filming, creating the branding materials, and then going back to editing didn’t make much sense. I turned out creating the branding materials, filming my videos, then editing them right away. This strategy kept me in the flow of work, and I will continue to use this order in future videos. 


It is a bit cliche, but I really did learn a lot from stepping out of my comfort zone. By finding confidence in myself and planning everything out, I took a lot of pressure off of myself and was able to focus my time and energy into creating my content. These lessons have helped propel me further into completing this whole process again with a whole new YouTube series. I don’t see myself becoming a full YouTuber, but now that I have laid out a foundation, I look forward to seeing what I can create in the future. 

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  1. Loved readingg this thank you


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