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The title “Bookaholics” is inspired by the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) directed by P. J. Hogan. As an avid reader, I can relate by purchasing way too many books. To acquire design inspiration for this project, I analyzed recent movie posters to study their structure and patterns. 


To follow a traditional movie poster, I set up my poster with the names of the actors, characters, main title, slogan, release date, credits, and rating. 

I made the characters the largest object to attract the viewer’s eye there first. To create more depth, I placed the main character in the center and superimposed her above the layers of the other two characters. 

The next colorful element on the poster is the title, where the viewer’s eye should go next. The title is made up of individual book covers to make the title memorable and recognizable. I placed each individual letter in order, then set the image on top, and placed a clipping mask. I also added a 3 pt black stroke to the letter to make sure the full title “Bookaholics” is still visible despite the faint text of the books inside the letters. 

The background consists of two images. One is a close up of a page of a book, and the lower photo is a picture of a book on a brick ledge. The purpose of the background images is to create depth to the poster.  

I erased the edges where the photos met and decreased the opacity, so the two images were blended almost seamlessly. Many movie posters featured multiple images, and I also wanted to do that as well to offer the most important part of the movie on the poster, the characters and the books they love.

I used the close up of the book page for the background of the characters to add more depth but not distract from the characters themselves. I think the blurred out text adds a light texture to the poster. The bottom photograph helps to transition to the credit, release date, and rating, which don’t contribute to the main storyline. 


My goal was to keep the colors light and bright. Books usually have white or tan pages, so I added a faint gradient with those colors to the background. I also chose to have the characters and title in color to emphasize their importance. 


I used a total of three different fonts on my poster, just like most professional posters. I wanted the title “Bookaholics” to be bold and thick so I could place the images inside them. To contrast the bold text, I chose Athletica from the rest of the textual elements. Athletica looks like a font that would be used in a book, and I think the serifs and weight complimented the strong text of the title. Lastly, the text for the credits was tall and thin, like most textual credits. I did not want the credits to distract from the main elements of the poster. 

2 responses to “Bookaholics”

  1. As a fellow book lover, I really loved this poster from first glance. I’d love to share book suggestions sometime. Some of my favorites are The Girl on the Train, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and All the Light We Cannot See (which I’m finishing up now).
    The overall aesthetic of the poster is very appealing with the muted colors mixed with the dominant bright colors of the wording in the title. It brings the viewers eyes to the characters and the title of the poster and makes us want to learn more. Your use of depth with the duller background images mixed with the brighter foreground objects was well done and clearly comes from a great deal of knowledge in design thinking.
    The title creation is absolutely incredible! That was such a good idea, and I’m so glad you explained it in detail in your blog because I may want to try that for future projects. I think the overall poster would’ve been cool without it but the title design really sets it apart. You clearly put a lot of time into each decision within the poster, from this title to even the punny wording and credit sequences.
    In my own research, I found that many posters have 3 fonts as well so I was glad to see that in your work as well! The fonts you chose definitely are conducive to the subject matter and work well together. As you mentioned in your writing, I believe that different fonts aren’t meant to distract the reader but instead add a sense of hierarchy to what writing is of the highest importance to the overall project.


  2. You did a great job combining the skills we’ve learned so far in the course, I can see a bit of everything coming together nicely here.
    The font for the title is great, the texture gives it a unique look. I think if it were a bit larger, compared to the other text elements, it would stand out a bit more.
    The images are well executed, the backgrounds create a nice depth effect for the foreground images and the the pictures that were stitched together at the top look great.
    You choice of color palette was perfect for your goal of keeping it light and bright, the whole piece has a bright feeling.


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