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Dear Date #1 – Books

About: This is a representation of every book that I have not read on my bookshelf in alphabetical order.

Note: I am a very fast reader, and will probably read most of these books by the end of the year. I was also listening to an audiobook while creating this visual.

Tools: pen/ index card/ markers

Trends: I noticed while creating this visualization that I own a lot of Young Adult novels. A majority of these books are also hardcover with a mostly black cover. I also noticed that I mostly own fiction books. My nonfiction books were usually biography or health and wellness.

Insights: First, I own way too many unread books! Second, I predicted that certain genres used certain colors for their book covers (young adult/ fantasy using black colors while romance used bright pastels). This visualization is not good at looking for genre-cover connection, but it is good at showing the genre-length connection. I can see that most of the longer books were from young adult or fantasy. These books are longer due to their vast world-building and extensive cast of characters and their development. Lastly, I have several groups of authors that I have not read, but own several of their books.

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