Hurricanes and Climate Change

Hurricanes are mighty storm systems that produce powerful winds, heavy rainfall, and extensive damage. These storms vary depending on size, strength, and speed. Weather experts divide these storms into 5 different categories. How they work Hurricanes form over warm ocean waters in the Atlantic. The water on the surface of the ocean is evaporated byContinue reading “Hurricanes and Climate Change”

Brainstorming a Data Story

This week I came up with a few ideas for a data story. This method of storytelling uses visuals with data to help convey a story. Edward Tufte, in his book, Beautiful Evidence, points out that creating a visual presentation with data is a “moral act as well an in intellectual activity” (Tufte, 141). He warnsContinue reading “Brainstorming a Data Story”

Dear Data #2 – Animal Crossing

About: This visualization represents the collection of bugs and fish that I gathered over the course of five days while playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons on my Nintendo Switch Lite. Note: I play Animal Crossing every night right before I fall asleep. I usually only play for 10-15 minutes or so to help me relax.Continue reading “Dear Data #2 – Animal Crossing”

Four Types of Visualizations

This week I will be discussing the different types of information visuals explained by Scott Berinato in his book Good Charts: The HBR guide to making smarter, more persuasive data visualizations. The combination of the nature (conceptual/ data-driven) of the design and the purpose (declarative/ exploratory) of the data creates four possible combinations for a potentialContinue reading “Four Types of Visualizations”

An Introduction to Data Visualization

What is data visualization? Data visualization is a representation of information in a visual manner. This could be as simple as a chart describing the clothes in your closet, or as complicated as showing the rate of homelessness in various cities across the United States. The complexity level depends on the amount of data and the representationContinue reading “An Introduction to Data Visualization”