An App for A Town

“Rule of thumb for UX: More options, more problems.”— Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer Smartphones make our lives easier for many reasons, mostly because it’s a mini-computer in our hands. Still, the mobile apps on these devices are simple and straightforward versions of the web browser due to their limited functionality.  Unfortunately, even though itContinue reading “An App for A Town”

Mash-Up Ideation

When I was younger, I was in an after-school program called Destination Imagination, or DI. This problem-solving club for all grade levels focused on various absurd science, technology, engineering, arts, or math challenges. After coming up with a solution, a team will perform a short skit or presentation to show the judges their solution. The wholeContinue reading “Mash-Up Ideation”

Deforestation: A Visual Understanding

The Information Many things in this world keep our ecosystem balanced. Trees and vegetation play a significant roll in removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from our air and replacing it with oxygen (O2).  “Deforestation is the permanent removal of trees to make room for something besides forest. This can include clearing the land for agriculture or grazing, orContinue reading “Deforestation: A Visual Understanding”

Book Cover Ignite

A book cover can serve many different functions. Depending on who you ask, a book cover could be a beautiful piece of art; to others, it’s simply a medium to sell the story inside.  Today, this presentation will focus on looking at a book cover’s ability to tell a story based on design principles, genre,Continue reading “Book Cover Ignite”

Visualization with Books

Information visualization is designed to help us make sense out of data. It can be used to explore relationships between data, to confirm ideas we hold about data or to explain data in easy to digest manner. Information Design Foundation There are many elements that go into a data visualization. Shape, color, orientation, and texturesContinue reading “Visualization with Books”