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Ideation Time

A few weeks ago, I looked at some App Store reviews for some of my favorite apps and created some Point of View, POV, statements based on the feedback. Now, it is time to take those statements and develop some ideas to fix the problems. 

Ideation Techniques

There are many ideation techniques designers can use, but I am going to stick with three for this exercise. Today, I am going to take a look at braindumping, crazy eights, and SCAMPER. 


Braindumping is very similar to brainstorming. This technique is straightforward and allows the designer to come up with ideas independently. 

Crazy Eights/ Sketch

The crazy eights ideation technique focuses on sketching six to eight ideas in less than five minutes. After the five minutes are complete, the designer will pick two of their favorite ideas to work on in more detail. 


Developed by Bob Eberle in 1978, SCAMPER is an acronym for substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put to another, eliminate, and reverse. This technique is a great way to get ideas flowing and breakthrough everyday thinking. 

Time to Ideate

To generate new ideas, I will use each ideation method for each POV statement. A few weeks ago, I created two POV statements for Goodreads, Instagram, and Shop/ Shopify. Below is a combination of the statements, techniques, and solutions. 


One of the most popular apps for avid readers, Goodreads allows its users to track, review, and find new books.

Users who like keeping track of the books they are reading need a better page tracking system to track which page they are on accurately because the app sometimes displays an older number, incorrect number, or the number of a different book they are currently reading.
Users who like to reread books need an update to be able to add books to their current reading challenge without taking away from their previous reading challenge or having to go in and change the dates manually.


Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform where users can create content and connect with friends, family, or a community. 

Users who use the app regularly need an option to change their timeline to chronological order because the current algorithm doesn’t show all posts and buries most photos, reels, or IGTVs in the timeline or doesn’t show them at all.
Active users on the platform need fewer updates because the constant changes or moving, adding, deleting, and changing buttons is confusing and frustrating.


Shop, or Shopify, is a package tracking app that allows the user to track all packages in real-time. 

Users who want accurate tracking need faster in-app updates because sometimes the carrier website shows changes before Shop.
Users who like precise updates on their packages need a notification to let them know there is no current change where the item(s) is located because they are frustrated when there is no change or update.


My favorite technique was sketching. I started off by drawing the app interface, then a bunch of ideas popped into my head about location, placement, and color.

I also enjoyed the braindumping. It was helpful to just get into a stream of consciousness and write everything down. There were many times that I would ask myself questions while dumping my thoughts. I left them out because they didn’t contribute to an idea or solution.

My favorite idea is adding the chronological order option to Instagram. I miss that feature dearly, and I know I’m not the only one.

The process of using multiple different techniques helped me get into a flow of ideas. It was easy to come up with one solution, but then I quickly thought of more things to add as well. I did have to remind myself to stay focused on the POV, but it could help to save them for later if I was actually looking to correct these issues.

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