As a recent college graduate, I am exploring every option to further myself into the world of literature. I plan to use my degree in Media Studies from Quinnipiac University to pursue a career in book publishing or literary public relations.

A book nerd at heart

Currently, I am getting my Master’s degree in Interactive Media and Communications to perfect my online writing skills, design ability, and creative aptitude. When I’m not doing my homework, I also work at Barnes and Noble. I am strengthing my interpersonal connections by meeting local authors, keeping up with the industry, and (my favorite) receiving Advance Readers Copies of New York Times Bestsellers.

Publishers I’ve Partnered With

Penguin Random House

DC Comics

William Morrow

HarperCollins Publishers

Burn House Publishing

The Tools

When I am writing these posts I am using several devices to get the job done.

  • MacBook Pro – writing, typing, research
  • Nikon D3300 DSLR camera – pictures
  • iPhone 8 – documenting
  • iPad Pro – textbook, notes
  • Apple Pencil – drawing, taking notes
  • Grammarly – grammar software
  • Evernote – note taking, documenting, writing
  • Trello – to-do lists, deadlines, staying on track/ organized
  • Procreate – graphics and feature images

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