What is Design Thinking?

“Design Thinking is a design methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems.” – Rikke Friis Dam, Teo Yu Siang  What is design thinking? Depending on who you ask, you’re probably going to get a different answer. Design thinking doesn’t just pop into the heads of designers. There is a process that takes placeContinue reading “What is Design Thinking?”

Dishonesty: A Sin of Visual Storytelling

We are a visual society. It is almost impossible to NOT run into at least one piece of manipulated and fraudulent photos or videos. From news articles to social media posts, misleading information is everywhere. Honestly is not only expected and ethical, but should be an important element in any story. News & Journalism  CelebrityContinue reading “Dishonesty: A Sin of Visual Storytelling”

Deforestation: A Visual Understanding

The Information Many things in this world keep our ecosystem balanced. Trees and vegetation play a significant roll in removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from our air and replacing it with oxygen (O2).  “Deforestation is the permanent removal of trees to make room for something besides forest. This can include clearing the land for agriculture or grazing, orContinue reading “Deforestation: A Visual Understanding”

Book Cover Ignite

A book cover can serve many different functions. Depending on who you ask, a book cover could be a beautiful piece of art; to others, it’s simply a medium to sell the story inside.  Today, this presentation will focus on looking at a book cover’s ability to tell a story based on design principles, genre,Continue reading “Book Cover Ignite”

What is Social Media Analytics?

Social Media Analytics can sound complicated and confusing, depending on who you ask. Today I will break it down and explain what it is and how valuable the information can be to the people who use it. Before we get started, let’s start from the beginning. What is Social Media? “Social media refers to websitesContinue reading “What is Social Media Analytics?”

Getting Started with Analytics

When analyzing a social media post, it is essential to look at three things; time, content, and interaction. Since social media has become so competitive, it is important to analyze these posts to help a company or brand succeed in the future. First, let’s take a look at my latest Instagram post. I run aContinue reading “Getting Started with Analytics”

Visualization with Books

Information visualization is designed to help us make sense out of data. It can be used to explore relationships between data, to confirm ideas we hold about data or to explain data in easy to digest manner. Information Design Foundation There are many elements that go into a data visualization. Shape, color, orientation, and texturesContinue reading “Visualization with Books”

Emotion and Perception

As we go through life, we experience a wide range of emotions. To simplify the number of emotions that a person could go through, Robert Plutchik created his Wheel of Emotions. The theory focuses on eight basic emotions and creates various levels for each one.  Anger – annoyance/rage Disgust – boredom/loathing Fear – apprehension/terror Sadness –Continue reading “Emotion and Perception”